Vicia sativa cv. 333/A

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Vicia sativa cv. 333/A isashort growth period, stable yield, low toxicity and good quality forage crop.It is also a kind of annual forage and green manure crop, suitable for rotation, multiple cropping andinterplant. It was certified by the 2ndVariety Certification Committee of China.It has already been widely cultivated in 11 provinces and autonomous regions.
Morphological Features:Vicia sativa cv. 333 / A is an annual leguminous herb, with soft vinestems, branches. The length of stem is 40-60cm. Pinnate leaves, 5-8lobules, length is 2-3.5cm, width is 0.6 cm, blade linear in seedling stage, tip tendrils. Axillary flowers with l-2blue purple flowers, shortflower stalk.Pods is slender, 4-7 seeds in everypod. The shape of seed is oblong, with beige, no markings, the weight of a thousand seeds is 58-70grams. Cotyledon is orange.
Biological Characteristics: Vicia sativa cv. 333/A has the characteristics of fast growth and early maturity.In northern China,it is only 73-110 days from germinating to maturation in spring sowing. Cold and drought resistance is highly as it is sensitive to moisture and could use soil moisture economically. The germinating temperature is only 3℃, seedling can endure of -6℃, minimum temperature of survival is -12℃.
Variety Characteristics: Seeds yieldin northern Chinese dryland is about3750 kilogram per ha., fresh grass field after harvest of wheatis22500 kilogram and 57000 kilogram per ha. in winter sowing, 15%higher than local charge varieties. The crude protein content in the seeds is 32.40%, and in green hay is 22.73%. The pods are not burst when it is mature and do not fall grain in fields. The content of hydrocyanic acid is lower (0.81-0.81 mg/kg) than the state allows standard amount (not more than 5 mg/kg).
Planning Region:Adapted to all over the country, especially in the northern Loess Plateau region. It is used as a green manure crop and forage grass in southern China.