The new alfalfa variety-Zhonglan No.1

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Registration No. 188
Name: Alfalfa
Variety: Zhonglan No.1
Registered Date: Nov. 30, 1998
Breeder: Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of CAAS
Varieties of sources: It bred out by five selection system for many years, appliedthe method of cross breeding,using 68 predominantly alfalfa varieties (materials) fromnative and abroad, through identification of pathogenicvaccination.
Method of breeding: Multiple crossing method.
Variety characteristics: Main features areresistant the frostmildewhighly, none-disease branchesup to 95-100%, the resistance of leaf spot and rust is medium, at later growth stage, light powdery mildew is affected.
The stems is thick,upright and branches.Leaves are long elliptic,deep green and luster. Flowers are pale purple. Plants grow quickly, 1.3-2.0cmin the period of a day on average.Ability of regeneration is more strong,the height of grass is more 22.4-52.8cm each crop than CK. Annual haygrass yield is 5250-9000kg per ha. in seeding year.In good situation of management,the hay yield in second and last years would up to 25500kg per ha.,increased by 22.4-39.9% than alfalfa in middle of Gansu province.
Breeder’s seeds:saved in Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of CAAS.
Planning Region:Adapted to the semi-arid areas of Loess Plateau in rainfall of 400mm, annual average temperature 6-7℃, at an altitude of 990-2300m.