Limonium aureum (L.) Hill. cv. Longzhong

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Limonium aureum (L.) Hill. cv. Longzhong is a wild ornamental domesticated cultivar. It can be used for sand-fixing and forage. The breed is a perennial herb which originated from the Gobi desert plants. It is mainly used for landscaping, landscaping plants, sand-fixing, forage grasses, interior decoration and other use. The variety has high anti-drought and anti-salinity. It plant is dwarf, which has large flowers density and ornamental. The florescence is 200 days, and green days is 210-280 days (from different regions), meanwhile it has strong flower color stability. Withered flowers which floral materials will not fall off and will not fade are very suitable for the production of dried flowers. It adapt to the majority of desertification conditions in extremely arid region northern China. This breed will have an important role in landscaping,sand-fixing,home decorating and some aspects in the ecological construction in arid areas in northern China.