Medicago sativa Hangmu No.1

Time:2014-11-10 15:53Source: Author:管理员 Click: Time
Medicago sativa Hangmu No.1 is the first new multifoliate alfalfa variety by space mutation in China. The basic characteristic of the breed is high quality, as well as leaf rate is high, high yield and high nutrition. Such as, multiple leaf rate reached 41.5%, hay yield was 15529.9 kg/hm2, crude protein content was 20.08%, 18 kinds of essential amino acids amounted to 12.32%, rich in a variety of trace elements, the thousand seed weight 2.39g, dry weighed to fresh than 1 : 4.68. These main agronomic and economic status indicators were higher than the control variety. The new variety will be improve the yield and quality of alfalfa, accelerate the alfalfa industrialization in semi arid region, semi humid region of the Loess Plateau, Hexi Corridor, and other north area in China. It also can improve the ecological environment and animal husbandry production efficiency. In a word, this new variety will have wide application and extend prospect.