Continent Intermediate Elytrigia

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Continent Intermediate Elytrigia is a new introduced variety by the Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.It was certified by the Variety Certification Committee of Gansu Province in 2013.Registration No.GCS006.
Continent Intermediate Elytrigia has grasses perennial herb,its characteristics are strong root, tillering and erect stem.The introduced variety trial was completed from 2002-2004.Three tests includes comparison trial, regional trial and productive trial were completed from 2005-2011.The significant feature of this variety was that tender green stems and leaves, high grass yield and rich in nutrients.The variety is an excellent forage and also as eco-grass for grass reseeding in the degraded grassland.Adapted to the regionals of Aridity,Semi-arid and Semi-humid regions of Loess Plateau,Desert oasis of Hexi Corridor and Northern similar regions.