The New Alfalfa Variety-Zhonglan No.2

Time:2014-11-10 15:52Source: Author:管理员 Click: Time
The new alfalfa variety-Zhonglan No.2 was breedingsuccessfully by Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of CAAS cooperated with Gansu Agricultural University, and it was certified by the 1stVariety Certification Committee of Gansu Province in 2014.
The new alfalfa variety of Zhonglan No.2 is suitable for cultivation on the semi-arid areas of the Loess Plateau, high quality and high yield and can be directly fed to livestock,modulating hay grass, processing the grass products.In terms of the quality of forage, the alfalfa has the high nutrient and good palatability as well.In cultivation of the variety in Loess Plateau, the yield of the variety would be 15% higher than the local cultured varieties, 10% higher than the imported alfalfa varieties.It can also solve the yield dropped of existing varieties in rainfall less growing seasons significantly, increase the yield of grassland, raise the productivity of artificial grassland and promote the development of alfalfa industrialization in the west of arid region.