New National Breed “Alpine Merino Sheep” was successful bred by Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of CAAS

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Alpine Merino Sheep is a new fine-type wool breed which can be adapted to the height altitude , cold and drought area. Its breeding program was led by Yang Bohui, a chief researcher of Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of CAAS, with Gansu Sheep Breeding Technology Extend Station and other 7 units etc. in 20 years. This achievement is the first case fine-type wool sheep bred in Chinese height altitude area, also in the world. It’s a great development in Chinese alpine fine-type wool sheep breeding program. Recently, this breed was awarded the certificate by the National Livestock Genetic Resources Commission.

Alpine Merino Sheep Ram

Alpine Merino Sheep Ewe

Alpine Merino Sheep Population
The breed was bred with the Australia Merino sheep as male and the Gansu Alpine fine wool sheep as female by modern breeding technology. It can be better adapt to 2400-4070 meters height above sea level and has a strong resistance.Under this conditions , its wool diameter is 19.1-21.5 micron,the quality surpass the same type of Australia Merino sheep.This breed bred make Australia Merino sheep as percentage of home-made parts in height altitude ,cold and drought area ,at the same time , enrich the biodiversity of sheep. It is predicted that 16 thousand ram could be promoted to improve 6 million fine wool sheep annually.This will bring nearly 1 billion yuan production values and promote the developing of fine wool sheep industry. This breed can meet the demand of Chinese wool textile industry, especially in the fine textile field. It also enhances international competitiveness of textile industry and develops the lives of herders.The Alpine Merino Sheep has a very important economic, ecological and social value.