Green and Safe of New Veterinary Drug -Huangbaishuanghua Oral Liquid

Time:2014-12-09 17:29Source: Author:管理员 Click: Time
The research and technology transfer of green and safe of new veterinary drug “Huangbaishuanghua Oral Liquid” (Name of commodity: Relijing), which was researched and developed by Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutics Sciences of CAAS, has been completed on 11 July 2014. This means that the new compound Chinese veterinary medicine for the treatment of calf diarrhea officially come to market.
“Huangbaishuanghua Oral Liquid” sets an important precedent for the treatment of calf diarrhea using compound Chinese veterinary medicine in China. It is high efficiency, low toxicity and green, and showing the advantage of Traditional Chinese medical resources. Clinical trials showed that the cure rate of the medcine was 85.0%, and the total effective rate was 94.7%. The medicine is highly appreciated by veterinarian as the characters of non-toxic, no residue and non-resistance. The third grade of New Veterinary Drug Certificate of the medicine had been approved by China's Ministry of Agriculture in 2013.