Third Grade of New Veterinary Drug - Yipu Irrigation

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“Yipu Irrigation” is a new preparation in Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, which was researched and developed by Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutics Sciences of CAAS. And the third grade of New Veterinary Drug Certificate of the medicine had been approved by China's Ministry of Agriculture. The development and application of the medicine play an important role in supplying secure and green dairy products. “Yipu Irrigation” is a pure Chinese medicinal preparation. It is mainly used for the treatment of endometritis in dairy cows, and can replace antibiotics to a certain extent. Clinical trials showed that the curative effect of medcine was good and stable. The cure rate for endometritis in dairy cows was more than 85%, the total effective rate was about 95%, and the pregnancy rate was more than 85% in three estrus after curing using the medicine. The cure rate for recessive endometritis in dairy cows was 100%.