LIHPS Signed S&T Cooperation Agreement with Dale River Transplants

Time:2016-11-05 10:44Source:兰州牧药 Author:YUE Yaojing Click: Time
Recently, Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (LIHPS) of CAAS and Dale River Transplants signed a science and technology cooperation agreement to strengthen international cooperation and push forward the implementation of agricultural science and technology innovation Program (ASTIP).
Professor Bo-hui Yang presided over signing ceremony. Prof. LIU Yongming, the Secretary of the Leading Party Group of LIHPS, warmly welcome Dr. Stan Dorman and Dr. Woods Anne Katnryn. LIU introduced the research history, discipline construction, scientific research achievements and international cooperation of LIHPS. After discussion and exchange the cooperative views, both sides signed the science and technology cooperation agreement on fine wool sheep breeding, genetic resources introducing, project application and exchange visits, etc. Prof. Dorman also made a presentation "An Over-View of the Australian Merino Industry Since the Mid-70’s".

Dale River Transplants was started as a breeding centre in 1976 with expertise in superior genetics, accredited export quarantine facilities and high quality reliable product. Dale River Transplants has been involved in the export of live animals and genetics to China, Russia, New Zealand and Argentina. Dale River Transplants has imported genetics into Australia from South Africa, America and Scotland. Dale River Transplants has a network of contacts to be able to supply the genetic demand for your needs. Since 1987,over 20000 sheep and goat embryos have been successfully introduced through Dale River Transplants for different provinces of China, such as Xin Jiang, Ji Lin, Shan Dong and Inner Mongolia. Chairman Stan Dorman was be honored with "National Friendship Award" in 2006 by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the P.R. of China.

By YUE Yaojing